Powerful Integrated Voice

Are your staff scheduling practices not getting the job done? Do you want to add efficiency and ease to your staff scheduling?

Automated Shift Callout (ASC) is for you! The Vocantas ASC system fully integrates with your existing staff scheduling system.

Interactive notification by text, email or voice will be sent automatically to your staff based on the rules in your existing scheduling system. Staff can respond by their method of choice to accept or decline a shift, log their preferences and check shift history in the secure employee portal.

Organizations in a variety of industries are looking for a combined solution to fully automate the staff scheduling process in order to address the union issues that complicate employee scheduling. A staff scheduling system integrated with ASC addresses this need and alleviates the occurrence of grievances to unions by removing any personal bias of the scheduler.

Auto Shift Callout version 2.1 was released this May, bringing greater configurability and flexibility to schedulers and employees. To see what’s new in version 2.1, check out our video here. Highlights include a redesigned employee portal with a calendar view that is optimized for all devices, including your smartphone. The scheduler portal offers greater reporting and shift information configurability, as well as scheduled callouts – allowing schedulers to set up a callout to fill a shift that will launch at a set future time.


About ASC

  • Use text, email and voice (complete with speech recognition) for maximum ease of use
  • Real time interactive responses
  • Each interaction is reported in your database for audit purposes
  • Integrates directly with your scheduling software
  • Central administration with user defined roles for individual centers
  • Employee preferences designated by your staff in the secure web portal
  • Call display will show that your organization is calling
  • The ASC system operates 24/7

Employee Acceptance at Every Level

Schedulers can both fill relief shifts and book shifts far in advance with greater speed and efficiency. One installation reported schedulers doubling and tripling their number of relief shifts filled in a day.

Shift managers benefit from a reduction in Relief Not Found; teams are no longer short staffed as frequently and managers are not calling up the scheduling office demanding to know why their open shift was not filled.  

Employees are given plenty of notice for a shift, receiving shift offers two or three days in advance.

Senior management staff receive fewer grievances from staff due to a near elimination of human error in the staff scheduling process.

Union bargaining agreements are complied with automatically; scheduler bias is eliminated and seniority and fair shift scheduling is built into the system.

Audit Trail

ASC’s auditing capabilities include the following:

  • Date and time stamp for call attempts and call responses (e.g. acceptance, declined, other)
  • Reports for trending and tracking purposes
  • All responses recorded for union/grievance purposes


Vocantas’ reporting interface is intuitive and easy to use; the web-based interface requires no training to generate detailed, user friendly reports.

Above: A sample ASC report.


Case Study

Island Health Automates the Last Mile of Shift Scheduling

The Vancouver Island Health Authority was facing a challenge common in scheduling offices. Filling a relief shift involved an office full of schedulers making manual phone calls in a sequential manner; the amount of time to fill relief shifts was significant, and therefore the notice given to staff was often just a few hours, leading to short staffed hospital units. Staff would get minimal notice of relief shifts, and schedulers would have to manually record every transaction in the scheduling software – a process that was labour intensive and error prone.



Solving the relief shift dilemma
Featured in the August issue of Hospital News


Island Health to Use Interactive Calls
to Manage Relief Staff Scheduling

Island Health to Launch Integrated Vocantas CallAssure™
and Kronos ESP™ Scheduling Solution

Read the full press release here >>



An Innovative Approach to Automated Scheduling >> Learn more about Automated Shift Callout




“Island Health is committed to the delivery of outstanding patient and client care. The combined Vocantas and Kronos technology we are deploying will play a critical role going forward in raising the level of care we can deliver as we eliminate delays in filling shifts. Now, calls to staff will be automated and performed concurrently, allowing us to connect with large pools of staff in just seconds. In the past, we manually called staff in a sequential format to try to fill relief shifts. The efficiencies created by this combined technology will ensure facilities have the right staff at the right time to deliver the outstanding care we are committed to.”

Shawn Robinson
Director Staff Scheduling, Vancouver Island Health Authority