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Scaller is a student retention and student engagement IVRS

Improve Student Retention - Engage with Students

Scaller™ helps improve retention rates at Colleges and Universities. Using the IVR solution for higher education, Scaller, students are connected with existing support services and resources proactively. Designed in collaboration with College administration the Vocantas IVR solution is proven successful, and easy to use. The Student retention IVR reaches out to students by phone to identify their needs and help them achieve academic success.

This systematic, repeatable contact improves student relations, satisfaction levels and student retention rates.

Designed in collaboration with industry partners to meet the need for more effective student engagement, the student retention IVR solves many of the challenges faced in higher education by:

  • Increasing student awareness of programs and resources available to them
  • Alerting administrators immediately to students in need of intervention
  • Providing measurement regarding the effectiveness of programs and services
  • Improving the level of insight available to faculty and ensuring an efficient allocation of resources in areas of highest need

IVR Solution for Student Payments

Vocantas provides a Secure Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Credit Card Processing Solution in a certified PCI compliant environment. Students have full service payment options to make secure credit card payments over the phone – while maintaining the best in customer service by offering a personal agent to answer any questions your students may have about their registration.

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IVR Solution for Student Retention

With Scaller IVR, faculty and administrators can reach out to students very quickly and identify at-risk students during critical times. Personalized messages or instructions can be sent and
real-time acknowledgement and feedback is collected through the student retention IVR system.

Scaller IVR provides academic staff with at-a-glance reporting on students' level of risk and commitment.  Students experiencing difficulty in any area will be flagged. This empowers facilitators to focus time and attention on those students requiring their support, decreasing their levels of stress or uncertainty and connecting at-risk students with existing support services and resources.

Based on research done by Ryerson University and presented here.

OURA Conference Presentation
Every Student Counts: Two Institutions Use Two Approaches and One Early Alert Technology Solution to Retain Students
A joint presentation by Kelly Dickinson, OCAD University and Kinam Kim, Ryerson University
February 11, 2015
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IVR Solution for Student Satisfaction Surveys

Use IVR for education to carry-out student satisfaction surveys with results aggregated and delivered instantly through the easy-to-use IVR designed specifically for Colleges and Universities. Using the user friends web interface results will be delivered within hours of the survey completion. Our results demonstrate that the highest response rates to student surveys are through Interactive Voice Response IVR.

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Improve retention rates WITH IVR

OCAD U on Scaller interactive communication solution for student Retention:

“OCAD U is a specialized school of art, design, and media; we want to challenge and stretch our students to cultivate their talent to its full potential. The Scaller solution has helped our administrators pinpoint ways to alleviate some of the stress that can compromise the focus of our students. The easy to use web portal and guidance from the Vocantas team in terms of survey questions and follow up has helped us reach out to students who may be struggling and get them back on the road to success.”

Kelly Dickinson
Manager, Student Advising,
OCAD University

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