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Our clients appreciate the value that automated outreach and self-service applications through Medical IVR, IVR for Colleges and Universities, and IVR for Utilities, deliver. Read their stories and learn how our solutions are working for them.

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Island Health Automates the Last Mile of Shift Scheduling

The Vancouver Island Health Authority was facing a challenge common in scheduling offices. Filling a relief shift involved an office full of schedulers making manual phone calls in a sequential manner; the amount of time to fill relief shifts was significant, and therefore the notice given to staff was often just a few hours, leading to short staffed hospital units. Staff would get minimal notice of relief shifts, and schedulers would have to manually record every transaction in the scheduling software – a process that was labour intensive and error prone.



The Value of Intelligent IVR is Concrete, Not Conjecture

When Murfreesboro Water and Sewer District (MWSD) selected Vocantas’ interactive voice response (IVR) solution Utilities OnCall™ a year ago following a competitive bid process, the aim was to deploy a commercial off the shelf (COTS) IVR solution to provide IVR services to end user customers and to free up CSRs to handle more complex issues.



Hôpital Montfort Uses CallAssure to Keep Patients Safe and Well Informed

Hôpital Montfort, located in Ottawa, Ontario, needed to increase quality of service and operational efficiency. The Montfort selected Vocantas’ CallAssure™, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, to call patients for appointment reminders and post discharge follow up calls. The system also allows the hospital to contact staff members during emergencies and confirm whether staff members are able to present at the hospital. Montfort is pleased with their decision to choose Vocantas due to their experience, courtesy, and helpfulness from the start of the project.



Mountaineer Gas Company

With a high volume of calls, Mountaineer needed a solution that would reduce the number of calls that required personal interaction. Read more >>


Butler County Water and Sewer Department

With more than 40,000 customers, the customer contact centre needed to reduce inbound and outbound calls in order to remain efficient and make use of limited resources. Find out how they successfully did it. >>


Collaboration with Vocantas Leads to Flexible IVR Solutions Geared Toward Student Success

“OCAD U is a specialized school of art, design, and media; we want to challenge and stretch our students to cultivate their talent to its full potential. The Scaller solution has helped our administrators pinpoint ways to alleviate some of the stress that can compromise the focus of our students. The easy to use web portal and guidance from the Vocantas team in terms of survey questions and follow up has helped us reach out to students who may be struggling and get them back on the road to success.”
- Kelly Dickinson, Manager, Student Advising


Champlain CCAC - IVR Post Dishcarge Calls

The Champlain CCAC implemented Vocantas’ solution CallAssure™ to contact all discharged patients and ask them about the services they received through the CCAC. Patients who had questions and concerns about their condition or the quality of care they received were flagged for follow up so that the Champlain CCAC staff could reach out to those that were in need of
information and assistance.


Champlain LHIN

Patient Satisfaction Survey Case Study

Vocantas deployed a 3-week long interactive phone survey on behalf of the LHIN in February 2011.

  • Automated calls went to each patient’s home and asked them to confirm that they were the patient of the Hip and Knee Replacement Program. 
  • A series of questions were asked of the patient regarding their experience with both the central intake process of the regional LHIN as well as their experience at the specific clinic at one of the four regional hospitals where they received services.  For example; did you feel you had your appointment within a timely fashion?, did you go to the assessment location of your choice?, did you receive services in the language of your choice?


Algonquin College

Student Retention Outreach Case Study

When Algonquin College needed a proactive, interruptive solution to reach out and engage students during the first three weeks of the new school semester, Vocantas made it happen. With the issue of student retention rates at at the forefront for many higher education organizations, the IVR for education, Scaller, was a perfect fit for Algonquin. Hundreds of calls were placed over a five-day period in late September, and the results exceeded everyone's expectations.

The Ottawa Health Research Institute (OHRI)

Post Discharge Follow Up Case Study

As many as one-fifth of patients discharged from a hospital or managed care facility experience adverse events. Caused by drug effects, infection or therapeutic errors, these events can lead to disability and death if not caught. Dr. Alan Forster of the Ottawa Health Research Institute used CallAssure, a medical IVR, to study the positive impacts that automated telephone follow-up can have on post-discharged patients.


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