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IVR Pricing

Vocantas offers all-in pricing. Vocantas IVR Pricing

Everything you need to successfully use the IVR and benefit from the expertise of our team is included in the price. From developing call flows and scripts that work, to error handling and reports – everything is included. We have no hidden fees and no surprises. As a partner and extension of your business or practice we want you to use the IVR the best way possible -- without restrictions or extra costs for optimal use.

Vocantas does not charge per minute. This is a real trap when it comes to how some vendors price their solution. Price per second or minute or per dial/call sets the stage for the IVR to be used ineffectively. What you will find over time is that scripts end up being cut short so that costs are kept down, and the number of retries for each patient or student becomes trimmed to save costs.

We do not charge by the minute. We do not charge for retries and we have free answering machine detection and long distance charges are all included**. The reason we price our solution this way – is that success for us – is when the IVR reaches a patient or student reports improved overall satisfaction with their experience just by getting our phone call. You simply cannot accomplish that when you rush through short scripts without interacting in a warm human voice.

Contact us for your free business case showing ROI for a typical hospital, clinic, college, university or utility using Vocantas IVR.

** Vocantas Utilities OnCall and Professional Services solutions may opt to incur long distance or fee based charges based on hosted solutions without all in pricing.

Vocantas IVR Pricing

No hidden fees

No surprises

We never charge extra for dials or retries

We don't charge per minute