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healthcare accreditation ratingUse CallAssure™ to maintain your healthcare organization's accreditation rating. With new rules regarding post discharge follow up and increasing the responsibility on the healthcare provider to ensure the patient remains healthy at home, many hospitals are moving to the proven method of automated telephone follow up for recently discharged patients.

Learn more about the post discharge follow up solution from Vocantas.

Hospital Accreditation now includes regulations regarding frequency and results from patient satisfaction surveying. Mandated paper-based (NRC Picker) surveys do not offer flexibility for timing, or real time results. Many hospitals have contracted Vocantas to perform interim patient satisfaction surveys to provide real time results allowing hospitals to make immediate changes based on real patient input. Is your CEO’s compensation tied to patient satisfaction results, and yet you don’t know what to improve to make the results more favourable? Don’t worry – we can help!

We’ve helped hospitals and clinics get to the root of negative paper based survey results and within months improved satisfaction survey results to ensure compliance with provincial and state measurements.

One hospital had poor scores on food quality. One area of the hospital in particular received particularly low scores for food services, and yet the rest of the hospital was receiving great results – serving the same food. So what was the problem – what should the food services division change about the food to improve scores? Was the food too hot, too cold, not enough food, too much food, too spicy, too bland? Using just one round of outbound IVR surveys, Vocantas was able to provide real time information to let the hospital know that patients just wanted selection! The food was fine – but patients in the rehab area of the hospital wanted to choose from a menu. With this quick fix the hospitals food services scores were back in line with patient quality measures.


can help maintain your accreditation rating!