Emergency Notification

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Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification to Employees

When you need to quickly inform staff to stay away from a facility (e.g., due to inclement weather) or recall staff to a facility (e.g., influx of patients to the emergency department of your hospital), use CallAssure's Emergency Notification (EN) module to reach out to all affected employees in minutes.

Emergency Notifications are accessed through an easy to use online secure portal in 3 easy steps:

  1. The portal administrator logs into the secure web based portal (on premise or cloud hosted) via any internet connection and selects a list of staff.
  2. The portal administrator selects a pre-recorded message, or in the event of a unique emergency, records a new message and uploads it to the Emergency Notification web portal.
  3. The portal administrator then sets the calls to begin by launching call campaign. 

Emergency Notification Calls are Made!

Emergency Notification


Easy Integration

Our Emergency Boradcast Notification software integrates seamlessly with any HRIS system.

Highly Configurable

Configure multiple campaign types, response options, business rules, and more.

Robust Reporting

Instantly know how many people were contacted, how they responded and more.

Scalability and Speed

Our Emergency Broadcast software can notify any number of people in any timeframe.

Multiple Modes of Contact

Connect to more people with interactive voice calls, text messages, and emails.

Two-Way Interactive Notifications

More than just notifications, our Emergency Broadcast software records real-time responses.

Part of the CallAssure Family

Bundle and Save when you pair

Emergency Notification

with other CallAssure™ products

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Emergency Notification

Interaction is documented and updated immediately in the EN web portal. Details from each call can be reviewed in the portal in real time and email notifications can be sent to staff. Interaction is a vital component of connecting with staff. Interactive communication ensures that staff:

  1. Got the message
  2. Have responded
  3. Will come to the organization’s site to assist in case of emergency or stay off the organization’s premise

Emergency Notification to Family and Friends

Use CallAssure's Emergency Notification to send notifications to family and friends of patients at your facility in the event of a cold or flu outbreak. Notify all recorded contacts of patients in mere minutes that visiting hours are suspended until the outbreak designation is lifted. Calls prompt call recipients to confirm they have received and understood the message, and all interactions are trackable in real-time via the Emergency Notification web portal. Call details reports are sortable, searchable, and exportable in a variety of formats.

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