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Our IVR products deliver immediate value, with easy-to-use installation and minimal integration. All of our IVR solutions have been developed and tested with the insight of end users. Our IVR solutions are agnostic to your database and have a 100% success rate integrating with all systems.

CallAssure™ IVR

CallAssure automatically calls patients by telephone to collect and deliver essential information in support of their individual care plan. Using clinically-proven technologies, the system monitors patients between healthcare visits. This additional communication improves clinical outcomes, increases compliance and reduces costs.
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Scaller™ IVR

Our student survey and notification IVRS solution can effectively reach out to students and faculty at critical times to ensure they stay on track and receive timely assistance. A phone call can address students' uncertainties and change their commitment by offering information and support when they need it most.
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Utilities OnCall™ IVR

This easy-to-use system enables customers of utilities to easily access and pay their accounts, submit meter readings, report outages and deliver updates on scheduled power outages. Utilities can improve accounts receivable overnight using this automated solution.
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Professional IVR Services

If you require a custom IVRS voice solution, let us create an end-to-end unique product that is right for you and your customers - or we can provide skills to augment your internal development teams.
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"Increasingly, firms are incorporating automated calling programs into their broader strategies for both administrative and care management communi-cation. Vocantas boasts participation rates for IVRS in the 70 to 90 percent range, likely because patients clinicians or home health partners introduce them to the programs, lending an air of legitimacy and trust."

Where To Find Help With Automated Calling For Healthcare
by Elizabeth Boehm,
Forrester Research