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Utilities OnCall

IVR Solution for Utilities: Flexible and Scalable to Meet Your Unique Requirements

Utilities OnCall is the product of many years of experience working with utility companies and their providers. IVR solutions provide immediate return on investment with high customer adoption and acceptance rates.

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Realize a Return on Your Investment Almost Immediately

A capital investment is an option but not a requirement for Utilities OnCall. Based on your operational needs, instead of purchasing a premise-based solution, utilities can opt for a fully-hosted model with no long term commitment and incremental payments.

With no need for additional staff or specialized equipment, Utilities OnCall can start making calls and saving you money right away. Most utilities begin to realize a return on the investment almost immediately. Monthly expenses are reduced as collections are reduced through 24/7 bill payment capabilities. Outbound notices for overdue bill payments and collections can be conducted automatically with instant payment options. The IVR solution reduces number of monthly disconnects by adding IVR late payment options.

Utilities OnCall integrates easily into existing phone systems and databases and tracks and logs call histories which are automatically forwarded to the customer care administrators.  The easy-to-use web-interface interacts with your existing database directly making call processing simple and timely. Remote monitoring options are also available to ensure Utilities OnCall is operational 24/7.

Utility IVR solutions save utilities real dollars, by reducing the number of call centre resources required to provide customer care and offering round the clock customer service. Much more than an auto attendant, the IVR solution performs collections and reduces overall accounts receivables. The Vocantas IVR solution for utilities is proven successful.

Utilities OnCall IVR Success Story: Mountaineer Gas Company

With a high volume of calls, Mountaineer needed a solution that would reduce the number of calls that required personal interaction. Read more >>


Privacy Compliant with Minimal to No IT Footprint

Compliant with Canadian and US privacy standards, Utilities OnCall IVR solution for utilities uses only unique identifiers and telephone numbers to reach people in confidence.  Administrator control gives you the power to establish or change access rights for multiple users.  Designated personnel can enter data manually or use the fully automated data import feature.

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