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Scaller is a proven, easy-to-use interactive voice response solution, designed in collaboration with education partners, which reaches out to students by phone to identify their needs and help them achieve academic success. View our video on how Scaller signficantly impacts retention.

Scaller can target students at any point in the attainment cycle.

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Student Engagement (Retention)

Designed in collaboration with industry partners to meet the need for more effective student engagement, Scaller IVR solves many of the challenges faced in higher education by:
• Increasing student awareness of programs and resources available to them
• Alerting administrators immediately to students in need of intervention
• Providing measurement regarding the effectiveness of programs and services
• Improving the level of insight available to faculty and ensuring an efficient allocation of resources in areas of highest need


Kelly Dickinson, OCAD University


OCAD University and Ryerson University's Experience with Scaller

A joint presentation by Kelly Dickinson, OCAD University and Kinam Kim, Ryerson University*
February 11, 2015
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* The final analysis on the data collected using the Scaller solution will be performed by Ryerson once the 2014-2015 academic year has ended.


Scaller Visual IVR

Vocantas is offering a new way to connect with the smartphone generation. Vocantas’ Visual IVR, now available for Scaller™, allows students to interact with Scaller via their touchscreen. There is no need for students to download yet another app; Scaller’s Visual IVR is available in real time for any smartphone that is compatible with HTML5.

The slick menu screens are branded to your school, and the Visual IVR module requires no extra effort by the school to deploy. By offering additional channels of communication, you can increase your response rate (beyond the already outstanding 70% connection rate we see on average), getting you more data and higher student engagement to help you identify and connect with the needs and trends of your student body, as well as potential future students.

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A Cost-effective Solution for Student Retention

With Scaller, student retention IVR, faculty and administrators can reach out to students very quickly and determine each student’s needs during critical times. Personalized messages or instructions can be sent and real-time acknowledgement and feedback is collected.

Scaller provides academic staff with at-a-glance reporting on students' level risk and commitment. Students experiencing difficulty in any area are flagged. This empowers facilitators to focus time and attention on those at-risk students and connect them with existing resources and support services.

Our solutions work with your existing PBX system; Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, and many more.



Scaller strictly adheres to privacy policies in both Canada and the U.S. (REB, HIPPA, PIPEDA). Data is kept secure to ensure that only the appropriate personnel will have access to private information.

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St. Lawrence College on Scaller interactive communication solution for student Retention:

“According to the call campaign, our students appear to be handling their first semester very well. Scaller has helped us to connect with those students that are experiencing some anxiety in their first year, many of whom are looking for some assistance in honing their writing, math, and note-taking skills. We are now able to point those students to our existing services to keep them on the path to graduation and professional success.”

Don Fairweather
Dean of the Cornwall campus of St. Lawrence College

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“Within the first few days of IVR calls, a student was identified that was already looking to exit the program after just 3 weeks of classes.  Had we not used the IVR that student would have been gone from the school before we even knew there was a problem.”



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