Powerful Integrated Voice

Student Engagement (Retention) Solution

Scaller™ helps improve retention rates at Colleges and Universities by proactively connecting students with existing support services and resources.

It is a proven, easy-to-use interactive voice response solution, designed in collaboration with education partners, which reaches out to students by phone to identify their needs and help them achieve academic success.

A Cost-effective Solution for Student Retention

With Scaller, student retention IVR, faculty and administrators can reach out to students very quickly and determine each student’s needs during critical times. Personalized messages or instructions can be sent and real-time acknowledgement and feedback is collected.

Scaller provides academic staff with at-a-glance reporting on students' level risk and commitment. Students experiencing difficulty in any area are flagged. This empowers facilitators to focus time and attention on those at-risk students and connect them with existing resources and support services.

Based on research done by Ryerson University


IVR Success Story
OURA Conference Presentation: Every Student Counts: Two Institutions Use Two Approaches and One Early Alert Technology Solution to Retain Students
A joint presentation by Kelly Dickinson, OCAD University and Kinam Kim, Ryerson University*
February 11, 2015
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* The final analysis on the data collected using the Scaller solution will be performed by Ryerson once the 2014-2015 academic year has ended.

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Improve retention rates

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OCAD University on Scaller interactive communication solution for student Retention:

“OCAD U considers Scaller a key component of its overall retention strategy. Just by making the call to students we see a significant impact in increased retention year over year. Scaller is easy to use, cost effective and makes a real difference in student retention.”

Kelly Dickinson
Manager, Student Advising, OCAD University



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