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Your organization can realize a quick return on investment by utilizing the extensive experience the Vocantas IVR team has in developing solutions for a wide range of business problems. The team brings a sound knowledge of product development skills balanced with rigorous project management processes to a number of verticals including healthcare, education, utilities and customer service.

Speed time to market and time to productivity:

Our plug and play solutions have been customized to suit many organizations requirements and with our successful response rates make the Vocantas IVR solution the best choice for your requirements. You can benefit from our existing successful custom applications by purchasing the core technology developed for past customers. The solution can then be tailored to meet your specific needs by our development team or by your internal team to realize further cost savings.

In addition to our CallAssure, Scaller and Utilities OnCall products, a sample of our successful applications:

Auto Attendant

A speech enabled phone directory for up to 10,000 users. Allows callers to call in and ask for either first/last name combination of employees or units, departments, or groups within the organization. The system compensates for grammatical and pronunciation errors. All features and business rules are controlled by an easy-to-use web interface.

Broadcast Messaging

Application provides sponsored ads to the caller as well as pre-recorded audio files. All prompts are configurable.

Card Activation

The client is prompted for a reference number which is passed and verified. The IVR requests a PIN from the client and then activates the card and records the transaction.

Collection Agency

An inbound and outbound IVR that allows customers of the loan program to make inquiries about their loans and associated policies. Customers have access to their own account balances and payment histories. Outbound feature can be used to deliver late payment reminder notices.

Emergency Notification

Outbound hosted application for national organization. System generates outbound calls from employee database in the event of a critical incident. System can be updated and activated at any time through an easy-to-use web interface by the customer.

Election Surveys and Outreach We offer a plug-and-play IVR tool to augment election campaign management. You can upload a list of constituents with phone numbers to our system and we will contact them with your personal recorded message and offer them an interactive menu with each of your platform positions.
Lone Worker Outreach Solution makes outbound calls to your security guards to confirm their location at designated intervals. Ensure reliability of your security staff and provide an auditable location trail for your end customer. Supervisors receive alerts immediately if staff do not respond to location confirmation requests.
Predictive Dialer

Agents log into the systems and a ratio of calls are sent out. Based on live connections agents are then linked to the calls to qualify the respondent.

Phone Call Tracking /Recording and Debit/Credit System

IVR solution that allows users to make outbound calls. The system requests the user to enter a PIN to begin the calling process. If the PIN is valid and has active credits associated with it, the customer will be prompted for a phone number, if the call is on the allowed list the call proceeds. The call will last until terminated or when the credit has been exhausted. The call is recorded in its entirety and keywords can be flagged for follow up.


Hosted solution dials out to clients with set of customer defined questions. IVR records the callers response (option of speech recognition or touch tone entry) and populates the database with this information. Customer receives reports with data amalgamated through an easy-to-use web interface.

Time and Attendance

This IVR solution enables the customer to import large amounts of data in a simplified manner, maintain white lists, set caller ID's, and report on calls by time together with employee band numbers for accuracy and reliability of time and attendance.

Tobacco Cessation Program Outreach Our plug-and-play smoking cessation program IVR is a great way to quickly reach out to all the patients in your program. Simply upload your patient phone numbers to our solution and we will contact them with an interactive script designed to identify those needing extra help and those in compliance with the program. Contact us today and have your program up and running in as little as 2 weeks!
IVR Monitoring

IVR security solution offers customers 24/7 monitoring of their IVR solution. Available as a hosted IVR solution or a premise-based solution for round the clock monitoring and reporting on your interactive voice response solution.

Voting by Phone Secure online and phone voting manage elections safely and securely. Vocantas offers interactive voice voting solutions that are easy to use and hosted within a secure environment. Contact us to learn how we can save you money using our secure IVR voting solution.


Our solutions work with your existing PBX system; Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, and many more.

Contact us today to find out how we can have a new custom solution up and running in your organization in just 30 days and save you money while improving your customer experience.

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"We selected Vocantas because we knew from past projects that they had the expertise to integrate their IVRS with our technology and the experience to structure effective questions that would ensure measurable responses. It was essential that the collection of data was streamlined for both the participants and those analyzing the data."

Barrie Kirk, President
Globis Data