Powerful Integrated Voice


Vocantas’ powerful, 2-way interactive voice response (IVR) solutions are integrated with Kronos’ Workforce Central as part of an exclusive alliance to deliver IVR solutions for Kronos. The integration with Vocantas’ IVR will provide Kronos customers with two-way IVR, text and email to and from their workforce management solutions.

For information about how to leverage the tight integration between Vocantas’ communication modules and Kronos Workforce Central, Kronos customers can contact their Kronos Sales Rep or reach out to Vocantas’ sales team at sales@vocantas.com.

Absence Reporting

With our Absence Reporting module, employees are no longer calling into a reception desk and reporting their absence or lateness to a human – who then needs to log the absence or lateness in Workforce Central. Instead, employees call, text or email and use their employee number and password to report they are late or absent directly into WFC.

Alerts of an absence or lateness can be sent to the floor manager immediately to let the manager know that they will be short staffed and may need to find a replacement, and the employee’s pay code is automatically updated.

Employers can also track absence and lateness by employee and by a variety of other metrics.

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Automated Shift Callout

The outbound automated shift callout module enables Workforce Procedure Sets to be applied and a relief pool list to be auto generated when a shift becomes available. Employees receive a phone call, text or email based on preferences set in the Employee Portal with shift offers to fill immediate vacancies. Schedulers then award shifts based on their organization’s preferred model: either expression of interest and award based on seniority/priority, or first-come, first-serve.

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Emergency Notification

When workplaces close due to inclement weather or another emergency, Vocantas’ Emergency Notification system will contact all employees to inform them not to come to work. Preset emergency messages can be launched in minutes, and the system will prompt employees to confirm that they have received and understood the message – allowing management to track which employees have received the notification and confirmed that they will not come to work.

http://vocantas.com/images/pdf-icon.png Emergency Notification product information


Employee Portal

All three communication modules can be connected to a self-serve employee portal where employees can set preferences and update contact information. When the Employee Portal is combined with Automated Shift Callout, employees can view their shift offers and shift offer history, as well as express interest in shifts. When employees update their contact information, the update is sent back to Workforce Central to ensure that employee information is up to date when call lists are generated.

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Contact Vocantas

For information about our solutions, booking a webinar, or information on how to engage with Vocantas, contact sales@vocantas.com or phone us: 1.877.271.8853 ext 575.




“Island Health is committed to the delivery of outstanding patient and client care. The combined Vocantas and Kronos technology we are deploying will play a critical role going forward in raising the level of care we can deliver as we eliminate delays in filling shifts. Now, calls to staff will be automated and performed concurrently, allowing us to connect with large pools of staff in just seconds. In the past, we manually called staff in a sequential format to try to fill relief shifts. The efficiencies created by this combined technology will ensure facilities have the right staff at the right time to deliver the outstanding care we are committed to.”

Shawn Robinson
Director Staff Scheduling, Vancouver Island Health Authority