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Post Discharge Follow Up


  • Improve patient safety — provide consistent, reliable follow up.
  • The system calls patients after they have been discharged from hospital. Patients are given instructions on post discharge care, typically the same instructions they were given upon leaving the hospital.
  • The discharge script that relates to that patients experience is then provided in a survey format. This allows the system to record the patients answer and thereby notify the clinic if in fact the patient is compliant with the discharge instructions.

CallAssure IVR Feature Sheet Post Discharge Follow Up Feature Sheet >
CallAssure IVR Feature Sheet CallAssure IVR Feature Sheet >


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Using IVR for Post Discharge Patient Follow up
ARTICLE: Automated Care Coordination is $9000 Cheaper than Nurses
Author Jennifer Bresnick
Posted to HealthITAnalytics Dec. 12, 2014


"Previously, information about symptoms and side effects was not collected in a standard and thorough manner. Now we are able to test a method that closes that follow-up loop and provides real-time reporting for review and analysis."

Jennifer Haas, MD, MSPH,
Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Division of General Medicine