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Too many open shifts to fill and not enough time to fill them? Do you want to add efficiency and ease to filling open shifts?

Automated Shift Callout (ASC) is Vocantas’ multi-modal scheduling solution designed to automate the last mile of shift scheduling.

Interactive notification by text, email or voice is sent automatically to your staff based on the rules in your existing scheduling system. Staff can respond by their method of choice to accept or decline a shift. Staff can also control their contact preferences and check shifts and shift history in the secure employee portal.

Auto Shift Callout version 2.1 was released this May, bringing greater configurability and flexibility to schedulers and employees. To see what’s new in version 2.1, check out our video here. Highlights include a redesigned employee portal with a calendar view that is optimized for all devices, including your smartphone. The scheduler portal offers greater reporting and shift information configurability, as well as scheduled callouts – allowing schedulers to set up a callout to fill a shift that will launch at a set future time.

About Automated Shift Callout

  • Use text, email and voice (complete with speech recognition) for maximum ease of use
  • Real time interactive responses
  • Each interaction is reported in your database for audit purposes
  • Integrates directly with your existing scheduling software or can be deployed as a standalone system
  • Employee preferences designated by your staff in the secure web portal
  • Call display will show that your organization is calling
  • The system operates 24/7

How it Works

  • When your electronic schedule is updated to show an open shift, the scheduling software recommends the staff eligible for the shift.
  • The Scheduler then clicks Automated Shift Callout to activate the auto call out (using phone, text and email) - the information is exported to Automated Shift Callout
  • Automated Shift Callout issues phone calls, texts or emails based on staff preferences
  • Interaction is updated immediately in the Automated Shift Callout secure web portal
  • Reports are available in real time to show which staff members have responded to the call, text or email
  • Details from each call can be reviewed online or reports exported to other platforms
  • Once a staff member has confirmed that they can take the open shift, Automated Shift Callout stops making calls and notifies the Scheduler of pending awards
  • The Scheduler confirms the awardee and Automated Shift Callout automatically calls the awardee to notify them of their confirmed shift and notifies the staff that have not been awarded the shift with regrets


Case Study

Island Health Automates the Last Mile of Shift Scheduling

The Vancouver Island Health Authority was facing a challenge common in scheduling offices. Filling a relief shift involved an office full of schedulers making manual phone calls in a sequential manner; the amount of time to fill relief shifts was significant, and therefore the notice given to staff was often just a few hours, leading to short staffed hospital units. Staff would get minimal notice of relief shifts, and schedulers would have to manually record every transaction in the scheduling software – a process that was labour intensive and error prone.



View all the information on how Kronos® Workforce ESP™ integrates with CallAssure interactive voice solution to connect with staff in order to streamline communications and reduce costs associated with tying up valuable time to make individual phone calls.

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“Island Health is committed to the delivery of outstanding patient and client care. The combined Vocantas and Kronos technology we are deploying will play a critical role going forward in raising the level of care we can deliver as we eliminate delays in filling shifts. Now, calls to staff will be automated and performed concurrently, allowing us to connect with large pools of staff in just seconds. In the past, we manually called staff in a sequential format to try to fill relief shifts. The efficiencies created by this combined technology will ensure facilities have the right staff at the right time to deliver the outstanding care we are committed to.”

Shawn Robinson
Director Staff Scheduling, Vancouver Island Health Authority