Powerful Integrated Voice

Medical Research Surveys


  • Use automated interactive calls to connect with patients and subjects in your research project.
  • We have a decade of experience working with large research organizations to connect with their subjects and provide closed loop analysis of research results.
  • We understand the funding mechanisms related to your research project and can provide budget estimates and letters of intent to get you research project with IVR component off the ground.
  • Let us reach out to your patients and subjects with a human voice to collect data on a routine basis throughout the course of your research.
  • Automation provides reliability and consistency in the patient experience and in data collection.
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Contact us to learn how our plug and play IVR solution for hospitals and clinics can save your clinic money, improve your overall patient experience and reduce adverse events. info@vocantas.com



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"Previously, information about symptoms and side effects was not collected in a standard and thorough manner. Now we are able to test a method that closes that follow-up loop and provides real-time reporting for review and analysis."

Jennifer Haas, MD, MSPH,
Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Division of General Medicine