Powerful Integrated Voice

Interactive Emergency Broadcast Notification System



  • Through direct telephone interaction the system can be used to quickly notify staff of emergency measures that have been put in place
  • Integrates directly with the hospital’s H.R.I.S. system to obtain staff calling information; in emergency situations
  • Initiate a call out sequence to notify staff of code situations and staff callbacks.

CallAssure IVR Feature Sheet Interactive Emergency Broadcast Notification Feature Sheet >
CallAssure IVR Feature Sheet CallAssure IVR Feature Sheet >


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Automated Care Coordination is $9000 Cheaper than Nurses
Author Jennifer Bresnick
Posted to HealthITAnalytics Dec. 12, 2014

"Previously, information about symptoms and side effects was not collected in a standard and thorough manner. Now we are able to test a method that closes that follow-up loop and provides real-time reporting for review and analysis."

Jennifer Haas, MD, MSPH,
Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Division of General Medicine