Powerful Integrated Voice


Since 2003, Vocantas has been a pioneer in the development of interactive voice solutions, IVR, IVRS, for patient monitoring, student engagement and utilities self-service. Vocantas currently serves a wide range of clients in Canada and the US with its successful custom IVR solutions.


Gary Hannah is the founder, CEO and Chairman of Vocantas Inc., a Canadian-owned automated outreach IVRS solutions developer. Under his leadership, Vocantas has matured from just a concept, to a profitable organization - with all of its R&D resources located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Vocantas automated outreach IVRS solutions are ideal for:

  • Enhancing your product portfolios, to meet your customers evolving needs, and
  • Extending your technical services offering to include new services focused on automated customer outreach or self-service applications

By partnering with us, your organization will successfully leverage our automated outreach solutions as a differentiator among your competitors. To express your interest, please contact us directly at partners@vocantas.com.


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