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Vocantas was founded in 2003 with a mission to answer the call for intelligent and interactive voice response communication systems. The company, characterized by its talent for seamless integrations and complex, customized IVR solutions, has steadily increased over the past decade in flexibility, modality and intelligence. Each new customized solution allows Vocantas to exercise its capacity for innovation in the field of robust IVR systems that solve real world problems. Now boasting over 140 clients across a variety of industries, Vocantas continues to help companies attain meaningful customer service and intelligent customer communication.

utility bill payment by phoneVocantas’ leading IVR solution for utilities, Utilities OnCall, fields and redirects hundreds of calls that utility companies receive every day, and provides valuable information in real time about current outages, payment history, and account status, while even allowing customers to make bill payments over the phone. Utilities OnCall does even more than that, however; the solution also handles all outbound communication, allowing utility companies to reach out to their customers and remind them of overdue payments, inform them of outages, and advise them of any weather conditions that may affect their service.

Many of the impressive features of Utilities OnCall and the IVR solutions that followed it are made possible through Vocantas’ numerous integrations with payment systems, customer databases, and other complex products and solutions, allowing Vocantas the flexibility to plug in to any system, anywhere. The company’s commitment to integration and interoperability and its use of Microsoft technologies make Vocantas solutions some of the most flexible solutions today.

Vocantas’ journey hit another milestone with the development of CallAssure, Vocantas’ IVR solution for healthcare. Designed with the help of hospital and healthcare professionals across Canada, CallAssure has become Vocantas’ most flexible system, providing solutions that speak tohealthcare patient follow up by phone specific needs for specific institutions in the field of medicine. From appointment reminder calls, to patient satisfaction and post-discharge inquiries, to nurse scheduling, CallAssure is constantly growing more intelligent and more robust to address new healthcare innovation requirements. Recently, Vocantas developed a new piece to add to CallAssure’s impressive list of applications; the new Interactive Emergency Broadcast Notification System ensures that any healthcare institution can be confident that they will be able to recruit the staff they need quickly, through multiple modes of contact, in the event of a city, province, or statewide emergency.

Vocantas began as a company committed to telephone communication, but has kept up with technological innovations to consistently give the most expansive service available. Whatever their customers’ preferences in terms of contacting message recipients, Vocantas offers. Email, SMS messaging, and the traditional phone call are all supported by Vocantas’ IVR solutions.

Vocantas’ third main industry focus is in higher education. Vocantas developed their IVR solution for higher education, Scaller, to help institutions of higher learning to connect with their students without putting the burden of contacting student services on the student. The solution also removes the burden from the shoulders of the limited student services staff. With Scaller, student retentioncolleges and universities can reach out to all of their students, asking students to self-identify the problems that they are experiencing. Individual students who are experiencing problems can then be contacted by student services and receive the help they need. The IVR call acts as a “virtual hug”, ensuring students that their administration is invested in their academic success. Each school provides Vocantas with a list of student information; once calls begin, administrators can log in to a web portal at any time to view informative and customizable reports, including call statistics and students with needs. The process is simple and effective, ensuring that no student is left frustrated and struggling to the point of leaving the school. Scaller has been proven to increase retention by up to 10% term over term, saving schools thousands of dollars in revenue every year.

Vocantas continues to expand into new areas of professional service, and continues to build on its existing solutions as new technologies and new integrations allow for more complex and robust innovations and development. The company accomplishes this while maintaining its reputation for offering some of the quickest-to-market solutions today.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Vocantas is a privately owned company founded by Gary Hannah. Mr. Hannah has extensive experience from the technology, telecommunications, financial and manufacturing industries.

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