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What is CallAssure™?

CallAssure is a platform of healthcare interactive voice and communications software products that offer a fully integrated, interactive, cost effective solution to provide a range of services to your patients and staff.

Bundle and Save

When you buy one CallAssure product, you're opening the door to a great opportunity. Additional CallAssure products can be procured under the same licensing agreement at a significant discount.

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CallAssure Products

Auto Shift Callout

Too many open shifts to fill and not enough time to fill them? Need to add efficiency and ease to filling open shifts? Auto shift callout saves time and money by introducing efficiency to your scheduling process.
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Fills shifts faster.

Absence Reporting

Vocantas' Absence Reporting module allows employees to call in to or text a centralized number to register an absence or lateness. The call flow allows employees to indicate a reason for their absence or lateness.
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Be prepared for the unexpected.

Emergency Notification

Being prepared is the best way to offset the challenges we face when emergencies arise. Our Interactive Emergency Notification software will ensure you're prepared to react to any emergency 24/7.
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Notifications, fast.

Chronic Disease Management

Help manage chronic disease cases by automatically notifying patients of medication dose changes and test result next steps.
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Improving outcomes, one call at a time.

Patient Reminders

A full service solution for all healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals. Eliminate voice mail tag, reduce no shows, and ensure every patient feels cared for.
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Automated interactive outreach.

Post Discharge Follow Up

With the Vocantas CallAssure™ post discharge follow up (PDFU), patient safety can be improved — providing consistent, reliable follow up.
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Improve patient safety.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Get real-time results and improve patient satisfaction immediately with our automated patient satisfaction surveys.
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Instant patient feedback.

Medical Research Surveys

Reach out to subjects with a human voice to collect data on a routine basis throughout the course of your research.
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Reliable, consistent data collection.

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More About CallAssure

Vocantas has been providing healthcare organizations with successful automated outreach solutions for more than a decade. We work with  hospitals and clinics, both large and small, representing healthcare organizations across North America. As a collaborative partner with our customers we provide a fully integrated interactive solution that offers you an easy and cost effective way to provide a range of services to your patients and staff.

CallAssure Benefits

The Vocantas medical IVR solution reduces adverse patient events by offering post discharge follow through an automated solution.

Over a decade of collaboration with healthcare experts has gone into the development of CallAssure. Created to meet the need for more effective patient monitoring and follow up, CallAssure solves many of the challenges faced in healthcare by:

  • Reducing no-show rate at appointments
  • Reducing cost of patient follow up
  • Reducing cost of managing chronic disease patient communication and monitoring
  • Providing a proven reduction in adverse events, and improving patient safety
  • Providing real time reporting with patient quality survey results
  • Providing researchers with subject interaction that is trackable, reliable and cost effective
  • Reducing the cost of manual staffing calls for regular and sick time scheduling        

Integrated with your EMR or Scheduling System

CallAssure integrates with your existing EMR or EHR so that information can be pulled dynamically and requires no manual intervention. When CallAssures sees a new record in your EMR it automatically knows when to remind the patient of their upcoming appointment. The information from the appointment reminder call is available in our secure web portal in real time and you can be notified of those patients who indicate they do not plan to attend their booked appointment. Likewise for other CallAssure modules, full integration with your system is available.

Configured for You

Fully customizable and scalable, CallAssure medical IVR solution has been used by a variety of programs in different healthcare environments for chronic disease management and post-discharge follow-up.  CallAssure already helps clinics and hospitals in the following areas:

  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Anti-Coagulation Clinics
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Diagnostic Imaging Units
  • Post Discharge Follow Up
  • Pre-op Intake
  • Compliance Reminders
  • Medication Dosing
  • Appointment Reminders
  • ‍Hospital Day Surgery Unit
  • Home Healthcare Agencies

CallAssure Works with your Existing PBX or VoIP System

Privacy Compliant

CallAssure strictly adheres to privacy policies in both Canada and the U.S. (REB, HIPPA, PIPEDA).  Data is kept secure to ensure that only the appropriate personnel will have access to private information.

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Multi-Language Support

CallAssure can serve patients in any local language (54 languages available) and all prompts are professionally recorded to ensure maximum response rates.

An Innovative Approach to Patient Safety