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Smoking Cessation Programs

CallAssure IVR is an excellent addition to your smoking cessation program. The system calls patients who are making a quit attempt, at predetermined intervals (eg: three, fourteen and thirty days, or daily, weekly, monthly), to provide quit support and track success.

Smoking cessation programs benefit from the consistent follow-up; and patients lean on the support from the warm phone call they receive from the program showing concern and caring.

An article published about The Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation points out two main flaws in the traditional approach of smoking cessation programs:

-- limited reach and a limited success rate.

By using an Interactive Voice Response solution the Ottawa team was able to significantly improve the reach and success of the program, by ensuring that all data was tracked and all issues were flagged. To read more about "The Ottawa Model" for smoking cessation. Click here.

CallAssure for Smoking Cessation

CallAssure optimizes patient care. Information collected in the call is placed directly into the patient’s profile, resulting in time savings (a reduction in manual input requirements) and improved accuracy (no human errors) in patient profiles.

Using CallAssure, your healthcare staff can see which of their patients is in need of attention and determine where they should direct their precious time and resources. All information collected in the call is automatically placed into the patient’s profile, ensuring accuracy, time savings and a reduction in manual input.

Based on the patient’s responses, the system will automatically trigger an email alert to a care practitioner or request a follow-up call to that patient.

CallAssure has an easy-to-use computer interface that generates timely reports based on call results.Compliance with industry standards means data-sharing between CallAssure and your existing systems is simple.

With no need for additional staff or specialized equipment, CallAssure starts making calls right away - call us today to add the success of IVR to your smoking cessation program.

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