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In today’s environment, we are all very aware that being prepared is the best way to offset the challenges we face when emergencies arise.

Vocantas’ Emergency Notification (EN) module will ensure your organization is prepared to react to any emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The EN module will integrate directly with your organization’s employee database system to obtain staff calling information, or system administrators can select from a set of pre-uploaded call lists; in emergency situations, the system will call staff in the language of their choice (English, French, Spanish or any of 54 world languages) with emergency measures information. The rules from your employee database system dictate the calling sequence and administrators can record urgent messages or choose from a set of pre-recorded emergency messages. Standard emergency messages, non-emergency and notifications to stay off the organization’s premises are available as pre-set messages.

Emergency Notification is accessed through an easy to use online secure portal in 3 easy steps:

  1. The organization’s portal administrator logs into secure web based portal (on premise or off) via any internet connection and selects a list of staff from the secure EN portal
  2. The organization’s portal administrator selects a pre-recorded message, or in the event of a unique emergency, records a new message and uploads to the EN web portal
  3. The organization’s portal administrator then sets the calls to begin by launching call campaign


Emergency Broadcast Calls are Made!

Interaction is documented and updated immediately in the EN web portal. Details from each call can be reviewed in the portal in real time and email notifications can be sent to staff. Interaction is a vital component of connecting with staff. Interactive communication ensures that staff:

a. Got the message
b. Have responded
c. Will come to the organization’s site to assist in case of emergency or stay off the organization’s premises.

Interaction is key when calling back staff to help in emergency situations –Vocantas’ EN module will interact for you and provide you with a real time dashboard report of your team’s response to the call back or notice not to come to the site. Priority calls to full time staff can be identified in the system. When integrated with your scheduling system, calling lists are dynamically built to reflect up to date resources.


Multiple Modes of Contact

The Emergency Notification module can call multiple phone numbers in preferred sequence for each staff member. For example, the first call is made to the staff member’s work-issued cell phone, followed by home phone and then personal cell phone if the primary number is not answered. The system can be programmed to interact with SMS (text) messages or pagers and can send out email notifications to those who do not answer the phone call.


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Other Ways Vocantas Can Work for You

Automated Shift Callout (ASC)

  • Alleviate the manual labour involved in booking and rebooking last minute shift changes in organization where the labour force is shift-based.
  • Customized to mimic your current processes, replacing all manual telephone calls and manual updating of the database.
  • The IVR sits as an extension of your scheduling system and makes outbound calls to staff based on your seniority and business rules.
  • Management has access to view the progress of all calls using a web portal with secure user authentication.
  • All data can be aggregated and exported for reporting purposes.


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