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IVR Consulting

Vocantas offers expert consulting services backed by more than a decade of successful market experience. Our team offers telephony/IVR IT consulting, IVR project management consulting services, and script writing and call flow design expertise.

Procuring an IVR? We can help. Let us shorten the procurement process for you! We have written many RFP's for IVR services and responded to hundreds of requests for proposals. Let us tell you what your RFP needs in order to ensure you get the right solution to meet your requirements.

Have the technology but don't know how to use it? Let us help. We get it. The black box called an IVR doesn't mean you have the scripts and call flows that will turn the technology into part of the solution to your problem. We can collaborate with you and any other provider's IVR technology to build the right scripts to ensure maximum use and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you save you money and get the right IVR solution for your business.

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"We selected Vocantas because we knew from past projects that they had the expertise to integrate their IVRS with our technology and the experience to structure effective questions that would ensure measurable responses. It was essential that the collection of data was streamlined for both the participants and those analyzing the data."

Barrie Kirk, President
Globis Data