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Card Activation

Card Activation enables debit card activation, credit card activation or gift card activation

  • Inbound IVR application that requests a PIN from the client, confirms it from a database, activates the card and records the transaction.

Loan Information

Loan Information is a phone banking application offering an information hotline for loans, student loans and mortgages. This application can also be used by insurance companies.

  • Inbound IVR allows customers of e.g. a loan program to make inquiries about their loans and associated policies. Customers have access to their own account balances and payment histories
  • Optional outbound IVR application can be used to deliver late payment reminder notices


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Contact Paul Turenne, Director of Professional Services

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Customers say...

"We selected Vocantas because we knew from past projects that they had the expertise to integrate their IVRS with our technology and the experience to structure effective questions that would ensure measurable responses. It was essential that the collection of data was streamlined for both the participants and those analyzing the data."

Barrie Kirk, President
Globis Data