Powerful Integrated Voice

Fertility Clinic Solution

Delivering outstanding quality care to fertility clinic clients can be both time consuming and expensive.

Clients want more communication and touch points than we can sometimes afford to offer.

We have a proven, easy to use solution that will deliver the love your clients want.

CallAssure is an interactive voice response solution that is being rapidly adopted by healthcare providers and fertility clinics alike. Our solution makes outbound personalized calls to your clients to provide activity compliance reminders, appointment reminders, dosing information, follow up information and more. We can integrate with your existing patient database and quickly and reliably streamline your clinics day-to-day operations.

Many clinics report making thousands of outbound calls to clients every day! Now with CallAssure your staff can deal with clients that have escalated concerns, and have time to deal with clients face-to-face in the office, instead of spending hours on the phone each day speaking to answering machines and playing phone tag.

Let our solution help you grow your business overnight. See more patients without adding staff by automating your patient follow up. Let’s talk. You can email us anytime and book a time to see our solution in action at info@vocantas.com, or just call us – we’d love to talk about your clinics specific needs 613.271.8853 just say ‘sales’.

Improve the patient experience, save money

CallAssure™ is an interactive voice response (IVR) solution designed with and for the medical community. The system requires no device in the patient’s home. Using only the telephone, CallAssure IVR will connect with your patients to:

  • Collect health related information
  • Deliver essential information in support of their individual care plan
  • Provide appointment reminders
  • Dispense post-discharge follow up information
  • and much more!

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Based on the patient’s health information, CallAssure medical IVR will provide the appropriate follow up, delivering personalized, high quality care.

This systematic, repeatable contact improves patient compliance, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. The Vocantas medical IVR solution reduces adverse patient events by offering post discharge follow through an automated solution.

Over a decade of collaboration with healthcare experts has gone into the development of CallAssure. Created to meet the need for more effective patient monitoring and follow up, CallAssure solves many of the challenges faced in healthcare by:

  • Reducing time constraints and enabling proactive patient follow-up without added burden to staff
  • Providing a proven reduction in adverse events, improving patient safety
  • Allowing the efficient capture of personalized and up-to-date information, which is immediately imported into their profile

Customized for You

Fully customizable and scalable, CallAssure medical IVR solution has been used by a variety of programs in different healthcare environments for chronic disease management and post-discharge follow-up.  Current CallAssure clients include:

  • Dental Clinics                                        ·      Hospital Day Surgery Unit
  • Anti-Coagulation Clinics                          ·      Home Healthcare Agencies
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Diagnostic Imaging Units

Our solutions work with your existing PBX system; Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, and many more.

CallAssure strictly adheres to privacy policies in both Canada and the U.S. (REB, HIPPA, PIPEDA). Data is kept secure to ensure that only the appropriate personnel will have access to private information.

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"Previously, information about symptoms and side effects was not collected in a standard and thorough manner. Now we are able to test a method that closes that follow-up loop and provides real-time reporting for review and analysis."

Jennifer Haas, MD, MSPH,
Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Division of General Medicine